Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eucopia and why does it exist?

We think a lot of Americans would be happier with a little touch of European joie de vivre in their lives. And there's an incredible richness of excellent design being produced in Europe. But those items are hard to find in the U.S., and thanks to the high price of international shipping, even harder to buy. Every month, Eucopia brings you everything you need to add some European flavor to day-to-day living.

What's in the box?

That's a surprise.

OK, what kinds of things are in the box?

Beautiful, useful, and interesting things from Europe. That could mean anything from pitchers to pencils, from tumblers to toothpaste. Each box is organized around a certain theme, like "Morning" or "Summer" or "Denmark". Our test Beta Box gives you some idea of what kinds of things we're talking about.

How often will I get charged for my subscription?

Once a month, if you're a monthly subscriber. Every three months if you're a three-month subscriber. And - you guessed it - every 12 months if you're an annual subscriber.

How do I cancel or change my subscription?

From your account page . You'll see a list of your current subscriptions and all the necessary buttons for making changes to them.

Can you show me a ridiculous video of a man dancing while wearing a pigeon mask?